Friday, July 9, 2010

The dryer seemed like the best place to nap.

I hate a cold apartment. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a place that is just too damn cold. Wednesday my apartment was just too damn cold. Thanks to Boyfriend (who finally took my advice about the AC because our roommate ran our bill up from 90 dollars a month to 200 dollars by setting our apartment to 65 degrees all day every day) our apartment is not allowed to drop below 76 degrees while the sun is up. It's just way too expensive (and uncomfortable, not that Roommate cares about making me miserable) to keep the apartment at 65 degrees all day. So Roommate can set it to 65 when he gets home around midnight so that he can sleep, and when I get up for work in the morning I get to turn it right back up to 76.

This is a better arrangement. Generally, I'm comfortable in a 76 degree apartment. Except for Wednesday, despite that it was 76 degrees, I kept shivering. I just could not get warm at all, which is strange considering that it is high summer in the middle of Texas and we live on the third floor. Hot air rises, you know.

I decided about 2:00 to take a nap. When I get really cold, I get really tired. However, I had just made the bed. Nothing irritates me more than having to make the bed twice in one day. If I got under the covers, I would mess up the bed and have to make it again when I got up. If I slept on top of the covers, I would freeze. I ended up getting my small couch blanket and trying to curl up under that, but it just wasn't cutting it.

I gave up the nap idea and decided to check to see if the laundry was dry. Well, it was dry so I put it in a basket and switched the clothes from the washer to the dryer. And then my hand touched the dryer that had been drying moments before, and I got a very good idea. I turned the dryer on high heat (the load was towels, so no damage could be done by turning up the heat) and ran into the bedroom where I collected a pillow and my small couch blanket. Then I returned to the laundry room, climbed up on the dryer, and curled up for a nice, relaxing nap.

So. Awesome.

I had intended, of course, to be awake by the time boyfriend got home at 3:30. However, I was so comfortable and warm in my little nap world that I was still sound asleep when he walked in the front door. He heard the dryer going when he came in and looked in the laundry room, probably expecting to see my adding clothes to the washer. Instead, he found a peaceful Chanel curled up into a little ball on the dryer, my feet just barely touching the washer, fast asleep and happy.

The sound of his loud and sudden laughter woke me up. Unfortunately, I felt to proud of my genius idea to be embarrassed.

Boyfriend: Have you lost your mind?
Me: No! I needed a nap!
Boyfriend: Why didn't you take a nap on the bed?
Me: I didn't want to mess up the bed, and it was too cold to sleep on top of the covers! This was so perfect! And look, I fit perfectly! *demonstrates my curled up cat position* See?
Boyfriend: Do you think it's possible you were a cat in a past life?
Me: Probably. Maybe one of those cats that was worshiped in ancient Egypt. That's why I'm so demanding. I'm used to being given my own way.
Boyfriend: Well, get off of the dryer and get ready. We've got to pick up my brother.
Me: Okay!

We picked up his little brother to watch him until his mother got off of work. His brother also thought it was cold, but he's a child with no respect for other people's property. (I'm trying to work on this with him. I've got him asking before he helps himself to whatever stash of soda and candy he finds in my closet.) He immediately pulled back the covers (on MY SIDE of the bed! The horror!) and climbs under, shoes and all.

Me: Gah! Seth! Take your shoes off! And I made the bed! You're messing it up!
Seth: Sorry...*takes off shoes and fixes bed* But I want to take a nap!
Boyfriend: Well, if you want a nap you can sleep on top of the covers, on the couch, or you can do what Chanel did.
Seth: What did Chanel do?
Boyfriend: *laughing* She turned the dryer on and took a nap on top of it.
Seth: She did not!
Me: I did, too. I was still sleeping when your brother came home.
Seth: That's stupid! I'm not doing that. I want to play on the Playstation.
Me: Suit yourself, but you can't get under the covers. And no eating on the bed. My great-grandmother made that quilt for me, and I don't want it ruined.

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