Monday, June 28, 2010

I hate bras. That's why I don't wear them.

A couple of months ago, I gave up on the whole institution of the bra. After all, what is the point of wearing a bra when you're an A cup? They're small and don't sag. They don't bounce around painfully. They don't need support to prevent back problems. What does a bra do for my boobs? Well, it does keep my headlights from popping up when I'm cold. But in exchange for that one small service, the amount of irritation and discomfort this basic article of clothing creates is simply disproportionate.

Here are the problems of a Bra:

The straps never fit right. They always slip off of my narrow shoulders, unless I pull them so short that they pull the bra way up over my breasts so that it's unbearably uncomfortable. So the straps are constantly hanging off of my shoulders, and I have to constantly adjust them. Which is fucking irritating after eight straight hours.

They do not make pretty bras in my size that do not have padding. No silly lacy things, so simple, sexy see through creations. The message I read in this is simple: if you have a small chest, make it look like they are bigger because it's unattractive if they are small. Well, personally, I like my small chest, and my boyfriend likes them just fine.

Padding is in and of itself uncomfortable: it is molded into a specific shape, and it tries to force my breasts to conform to that shape. My breasts are as rounded as A-cups can be, but they just don't like being stuffed into those molds.

Underwire presses into my ribs or just under my breasts all day. Even worn at its loosest setting the wire still leaves its mark pressed into my skin after all day wearing.

You're probably thinking I'm wearing the wrong bra size. Let me just say here and now that I have had myself fitted for bras several times since I started wearing them. They just are not comfortable. And I realize that some of them are meant to be sexy, not comfortable, but regular, average, every day bras should be comfortable.

The benefits of a bra for my size:

They hide my pointy nipples when I'm cold.

That's it. After that list, it was clear that the pros of wearing the bra were far outstripped by the cons. So without any warning whatsoever, I stopped wearing them. When I'm wearing fitted shirts, I slide liners from my swimsuit between my shirt, and the hides the evidence when I am cold.

However, not all forms of clothing are capable of going braless. For example, today I wore a pale yellow, all cotton tank top. The fabric is thin and pale, so it is very easy to see the lining of the swimsuit underneath. So I had to wear a bra.

I've been wearing it for eight hours now, and I'm about to strangle someone. This is the first time I have worn a bra in a couple of months, and I hate the damn things with a passion now. I will look into sports bras for situations such as this, because the regular bra is unbearable. All of the problems that I had with the bra are still here, and now that I'm no longer used to them, it's just that much worse.

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