Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chanel Wants Attentions NOW!

This morning Boyfriend was up and showered and dressed (sort of) before my alarm even went off. This is not necessarily an unusual occurrence. Boyfriend's first alarm goes off at four a.m. five days a week, and he gets up by five to go to work. Boyfriend is a nerd, and he works for some nerd company doing some sort of nerd stuff on computers. He's told me a million times what he does and the company that he works for, but I can't remember no matter how many times he tells me. Anyway, because he is used to waking up so early most of the week, he usually wakes up by seven on his days off.

When I woke up, he was sitting at the desk with his laptop open, playing Left 4 Dead 2 or some other zombie computer game that is stupid and a waste of time. I climbed out of bed and jumped on his lap. I tend to want lots of affection when I wake up in the morning, regardless of what he's doing.

Boyfriend: What the--Chanel, I can't see my game!

Me: Pet me!

Boyfriend: I can't, I'm playing a game!

Me: *hops up and down on his lap*

Boyfriend: Fine! *kiss* Now go get ready for work.

I hop merrily on my way into the bathroom and take a nice long shower. I towel off, hang my towel up to dry, and skip back to the desk and hop right back on his lap, Au natural.

Boyfriend: What? You're not dressed!

Me: Give me attention.

Boyfriend: I'm playing a game! *tries to play game around me*

Me: Attention! Attention!

Boyfriend: *kiss* Go get some clothes on!

Temporarily mollified, I put on underwear and a shirt (since I am still not wearing bras) and go into the bathroom where I brush my teeth, brush my hair, moisturize my face, put on my spot treatment, and apply my latest make-up regimen. (See, until recently I took fifteen minutes to apply make-up because I started with spot concealer, then liquid foundation, followed by a translucent finishing mineral veil to set the foundation, then eyeshadow and mascara. The new routine takes five minutes: spot concealer, mineral veil, eyeshadow, mascara.)

Bored again, I run and jump on Boyfriends lap.

Boyfriend: God damn it, Chanel, I'm doing something!

Me: Atteeeeeeeeeeeeeentions!

Boyfriend: *wrapping his arms around my waist* I swear, you want attention at the most inconvenient times. It's like you can sense when I need my concentration the most...like a damn cat! You just don't care!

Me: *pulling my legs up so that all of me is in his lap* Was there a point to that?

Boyfriend: *sighs and kisses me* No. I love your catlike tendencies. *leans in for another kiss*

Me: Okay, I'll finish getting ready for work now! *hops up*

Boyfriend: *sigh* And like a cat, once you get what you want, you leave.

He's not the first boyfriend to say I'm like a cat. They've all said it at one time or another. I wonder if I've always been this way, or if this is a habit I picked up over the years? I'll have to ask my mother.

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