Tuesday, June 15, 2010

As a general rule, I avoid recreational controlled substances

Because most recreational controlled substances are controlled in the sense that they are illegal, and I'm a stickler for following the law. I tried weed once when I was nineteen, and the only thing I could say about it in the end was "For being high, I sure felt heavy." I also will add that it was boring, and I still do no understand why people laugh so much when high because nothing is funnier. Just heavy.

Anyway, I don't really drink, either. I'll have a couple of strawberry margaritas every now and then, but I try to stop at two. Usually, two is enough to make me start sliding out of bar stools, or I giggle like crazy at my own thoughts. Thoughts that I'm sure I'm actually speaking out loud, but I'm not. Or I watch movies in my head and laugh at the funny parts. My friends think I'm funny when I drink. Boyfriend is very amused by it.

Anyway, one recreational controlled substance that I had absolutely no compunctions about trying was Salvia. Mostly because it was described as a spiritual experience, and you could learn a lot about yourself from your vision.

The first time I tried it, I laughed for five minutes straight. It wasn't a particularly powerful strain, was in fact the weakest strain the store sold, so I didn't have a vision. I was aware of everyone around me, my vision didn't alter in anyway. I just...started laughing and I couldn't stop. The second time I tried it a little stronger, heart shaped lava bombs started falling from the ceiling and flowing in a river under me, but above the carpet. Boyfriend insisted that my cat destroyed the space time continuum by popping his time bubble with her nose. Also, he had a magic carpet on one of his trips.

We tried three more potency levels before we jumped to Balls Out Trip. The Purple.

I remember smoking it. And then...the world around me disappeared. I had two sitters, trusted sitters who wouldn't fuck with me while I was tripping. During my vision I was surrounded by rainbow colors swirling around me, and something kept pulling me back. A hundred arms pulling me, jerking me, refusing to let me speak or call out for help. I wasn't scared. I had the vague impression that the things holding me back were actually clones of ME, and that I was trying to keep myself silent. And finally, FINALLY, I won free, and the rainbows started to recede and I saw one spot of reality: the leg of the coffee table. So I fought and fought to grab it...and I blinked, and I was back in reality. I seemed to have a completely silent trip, but when I finally managed to speak (a good ten minutes after the vision ended) I said, "Hot sauce be damned! That shit packs a punch!"

The video my sitters took shows a completely different trip. Where I thought I was silent and couldn't speak, I was laughing. Hysterically, then maniacally, then hysterically again. I was so far gone I couldn't even feel how hard I was laughing. I clamped my own hand over my mouth (which is presumably why I felt I couldn't speak) and laughed into my hand so hard that I got slobber on my hand, which I wiped off. Completely unaware that I was doing it. And then...suddenly, for no reason we can fathom, I suddenly got really quite. I reached out for something, and grabbed my sitter's hand. I pulled his arm, so he came over. But I didn't know he was there. I just sat there with his hand under my face, bending over it. And I drooled on him. How did I managed to drool on him? I don't have any idea. I started laughing again. He laughed so hard he knocked the bowl of saliva over and burned a hole into the new carpet. They freaked out and tried fixing it, and all the while I was laughing in my own world.

And suddenly, I snapped back to reality, and said my famous statement. I was convinced for a few moments that I actually hadn't done the Salvia yet, I kept thinking, "What have I been doing? I'm supposed to be doing Salvia with Shane and Melly!" And then a few minutes later it hit me that I HAD done Salvia and I kept telling them it was awful, they couldn't understand...and then I decided I wanted to do it again because it was THAT FUCKING AWESOME!

My advice to any hopeful Salvia users is this: Never do it alone. My sister tried to stand up and walk off of her balcony during a Salvia trip, and was saved by her sitter. Never do it with someone you think might try to scare you. Your mind is not working rationally on Salvia, and if you react badly to a scare you could hurt someone unintentionally without being aware. You have to be eighteen to do it for a reason, so don't send big brother or sister to buy it. Wait until you're old enough. And do NOT start out with the most powerful strain first, or you will freak yourself out. We tried different levels gradually before we made the big leap to the final strain. You need to make sure you can handle the other levels before the final one. There's a reason they label them by potency.

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