Friday, May 28, 2010

By all means, pretend you're innocent. It doesn't change the fact that you're guilty.

I was extremely irritated when I got home last night, even though I'd taken precautions to prevent anyone from ever trying to look up my dresses again while I'm sitting at my desk at work. I spoke to Boyfriend, and mentioned that I was actually considering complaining to our owner. Not just because it happened, but because he was bragging about it and talking about me inappropriately to other people. That is above and beyond what anybody could stand.

I actually made a point of saying something about it on my facebook status without naming the culprit. I knew, of course, that Ed is a friend on my facebook. I wanted to see what his reaction would be. Would he ask who I thought it was? Would he ask how I knew someone was doing that? Would he say he would never do something like that? He actually had the nerve to write as a comment, "That sux. Sorry to hear."

Yes, it does suck, you fucking rat bastard. It sucks that you pretend to be a friend to someone, all the while objectifying them and then bragging about what a hot piece of ass I probably am to your other co-workers. Unfortunately, you just happened to say it in front of someone who is a true friend, who told me about it because they thought what you were doing and saying was wrong. And then you have the nerve to tell me that you're sorry someone is that low when it's YOU WHO DID IT?

You know what? Dizzy tries to look down my shirt an awful lot, but he at least admits it, and he always tells me when my shirts are falling down low enough for him to manage to see down them. He also has no problem telling me if he's caught a glimpse of my underwear because my jeans ride down when I'm sitting. He notices, and he tells me.

Ed goes out of his way to get a look under my desk, and while he's probably never seen anything, he's pretending to feel sorry for me and to be innocent. What a fucking prick and a half.

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